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AMP Action:

Creating Impactful Sports Content
AMP Action
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By partnering with AMP Action, you are investing in content that not only promotes your brand or club but also builds stronger connections with your audience, attracts new members, boosts marketing efforts, and assists in grant applications.

AMP Action offers comprehensive video production and editing services to the dynamic sports industry. Utilising our unique and niche experience in both the sports and film industry, we specialise in creating engaging, high-quality video content for sports clubs, trainers, and high-end sports brands. 


Our founders are not only an experts in several dynamic sports, with real-world experience as a national level gymnasts, high diver's, kickboxer's, jujitsu competitors and qualified diver's but also possesses considerable experience in the stunt industry, having worked on numerous Hollywood movies giving AMP Action an totally unique understanding of the requirements of dynamic sports filming.

Our services encompass everything from promotional video production, training modules, event coverage, to stunning 3D video effects using Adobe After Effects.


With a deep understanding of Digital Media Content Creation, Social Media Strategy and marketing we offer cutting-edge solutions to sports organisations looking to expand their reach and capitalise on the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

Why Choose Us?

Industry Expertise

Who doesn't want to work with a team who have learnt the hard way? Through experience, endless hours of training and dedication to the sports we film and applying techniques learnt from the very best film makers Hollywood has to offer we offer more than just videography.

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Creative Proficiency & Expertise

As a team of highly proficient videographers, editors and fight choreographers we bring a unique blend of creative and technical skills that sets us apart from other content creation agencies.

Unique Insights

We provide not just video content, but also valuable insights into marketing and promotion strategies for sports clubs and high-end sports brands.

Sports Equipment
Computer Programming

Web3 Expertise

Our expertise in Web3 platforms, including digital tokens and marketplaces, provides a distinct advantage to sports organizations looking to transition into the digital economy and establish a robust online community for your club or sport.

Choosing AMP Action is choosing an agency that understands the pulse of dynamic sports. Our unique blend of industry knowledge, creative proficiency, and technical expertise ensures we deliver high-quality, engaging video content that resonates with your audience and meets your specific goals. Moreover, our understanding of Web3 platforms positions you perfectly to benefit from the growing digital economy.


AMP Action brings a unique fusion of sports and entertainment industry experience, creative proficiency, and digital know-how, offering comprehensive and cutting-edge video content services.

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